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Who Are We?

At Thinking Hat, we aim to serve as an ‘Outsourced MarCom (Marketing Communications) partners, helping clients with strategic direction for Communication of their marketing plans, create and execute that vision fully through print, TV & digital media at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing executive and ad agency. We don different hats for every client, but always with a common purpose… to provide single window marketing communication solutions which are creative, innovation and cost effective.

How We Work?

While we consult client on strategy direction for their marketing communication plans, we also act as a single window contact to plan, create & execute all their marketing communication activities – including TV Commercials & corporate video production, Digital media conceptualization & execution, web & mobile app development plus event management in case of specific requirements and locations.

Thinking Hat excels in bringing together world-class talent that excel in their diverse approaches to storytelling, visual styles, performance genres. These carefully selected creative resources are known for their excellence and award winning works.

Our experienced, skillful and committed strategy team supports these talents to get the best out of them and turn a vision into a reality on image.

Our Commitment

Keeping high growth business environment of Asia and India in focus, THC works on basic principle of ‘High quality, best value for money’ mantra to deliver on-time creative products to their global clientele.

Understanding the flexibility needed to work as an ‘Outsourced brand manager’ to our valuable clients we suggest a variety of packages that can suit both your production and creative requirements.


“Think of us as the head of a virtual octopus, with independent creative, media, digital, social media and activation shops as our arms

Why an octopus? It is an evolutionary marvel that has learned to adapt, mastering complex and flexible behavior by seamlessly dividing tasks without controlling them from a neurological center.

Because 1/3 of an octopus’ neurons are in the head while the rest are in its arms, the head can explore new opportunities for growth while the arms concentrate on executing activities that ensure survival”

Amita Vikram Pratap

Director, Thinking Hat Communications & Technologies (P) Ltd.

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About Us

A solution oriented Marketing Communications Consulting Company specializing in strategic consulting brand development - with focus on building brand loyalty through actionable insights and consumer engagement.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Communication Strategy
  • Print & TV Ad Campaigns
  • Web & Digital Communications
  • Mobile App Development & Marketing

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