Bluart | Art by Archana RD aka B’lu

Project Description

Apart from stunning works in oil, B’lu (Archana R D) has found her heart’s closest hue in the classic vintage appeal of the coffee bean. She makes headlines as the first of her kind ‘coffee on canvas’ artist. Her coffee art techniques are derived using various properties of coffee – her signature style.

Having spent her vacation time at her grandfather’s coffee estate in India she has a poetic association with coffee.

B’lu keeps her childhood close to her heart and dips her brush in those fond memories. Drawing inspiration from those wonder years she etches them on large canvases epitomizing lively hues that reflect – abstract nature, aimless dancing to retro music, spiritual mysticism, lively household during festivals and joyful summer vacations.

Legendary M.F. Husain called B’lu ‘Little Van Gogh’ once for her huge bright canvases with exemplary palette knife techniques.

Along with a successful career in journalism B’lu is fully submitted to her passion for art that extends beyond gallery walls. She is currently based in the Middle East, embarked on a journey as an artist entrepreneur who believes in the unavoidable role of art in the society and the immense creative scope of applied arts. She aims at bridging the gap between fine art and common man.

Project Details

Client- Bluart | Art by Archana RD aka B’lu
Skills- Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

“The next time you’re faced with feedback that’s difficult to handle, remember this – it’s not always about you… it’s mostly about the other person. Many people don’t realize this. When we face criticism, we slip into questioning our value. We tend to hide our truth and thus limit our potential. Face the music but don’t dance to it!”

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