Project Description

Henosis, the amalgamated world of dreamers who wish to bring forth a new dimension of morphed reality… is the new face of art services.
The Art of Henosis team helps with:
– Curatorial services (solo, group, local & international exhibitions)
– Social campaigns (creative channelling, peace campaigns, progressive evolution, charitable fund raisers)
– Art Writing (museums, galleries, art stores, tutorials, journals)
– Art workshops (traditional, abstract, contemporary)
– Corporate art training (entertainment, creativity, team building)
– Performing arts classes and recitals (vocal music, instruments – traditional & contemporary)
– Exhibitions & Events (art, parallel learning workshops, design)
– Art Consultancy (for individuals & businesses – art websites, career planning, investment and media advice)
– Art Therapy (creative visualisation exercises)
– Art Orientation (educational institutes, special needs organisations and hospitals)
– Meditation (guided mind & body exercises)
– Art Education (sound art, new media, public art exercises and performances)
– Art News Service (newsletters, announcements, news distribution)
– Calligraphy services (all languages)
– Portraits (oil, acrylic, charcoal)
– Art photography (timeless classic art pictures for persons, objects, events)
– Art Photo Workshops
– Art Talks
– Art Walks
– Art Trips
– Art Education
– Art & Decor consultancy
– Art Supplies & Framing
– Art Sourcing
– Art Management
– Art Investment
– Art Publishing (art photo books, brochures)
– Art Networking (art market)
– Commissions

Project Details

Client- Henosis
Skill- Branding, Web Design, Marketing
View- artofhenosis.com

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